Comikaze 2015 - Diary of a Con Virgin

My short experience at Comikaze was, let me not oversell this, was AMAZING. I had to idea what to expect because I had never been to a con before. But upon first walking in I a saw so many cool cosplayers, both young and old I was in amazement. I was extremely impressed, event intimated seeing so much great Cosplay. I came dressed as Uhura from Star Trek. I met up with my fellow Nerdbot friend, Ajay, the mixologist, who proceeded to take me around to check out who was still there because I had arrived so late. Of course, my first stop there was the T.A.R.D.I.S where I could take pictures. I mean really? They had 3 or 4 of them. Some actually had pictures inside, though to my dismay they were not bigger on the inside. We also stopped by a Dr. Who booth with a cosplayer who looked exactly like David Tenant. I took pictures with him and his companion. Though she was dressed like everyone's favorite school teacher, Clara Oswald, she was in fact just a female Dr. Who. They had an array of sonic screwdrivers to take pictures with. That made my heart skip a beat. I stuck around for the trivia contest only to find the quiz master was unable to make it so they gave me the prize anyway: a poster of the construction of a Dalek. Can you say winning?!?!

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We continued to walk around and were stopped by an fellow Uhura cosplayer. I was asked to take pictures (way cool!) Another gentlemen noticed an informed us the Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura in the original Star Trek was there signing autographs. We rushed over to the large room, getting lost on the way of course. Also getting distracted by cosplayers who recognized Ajay in his Rick Flair outfit, people wanting to take pictures of him and his amazing WWE belt. I saw characters I watch on TV that I would never imagine people would Star Butterfly from Disney XD's Star vs Evil and characters from Archer (which I have learned since then is more common.) Unfortunately, we arrived to late to take pictures with her, which was a total bummer. In that same room we did get to see some cool other things. For example there were life sized replica's of R2-D2 being controlled by remote. I was so jealous I wasn't that small anymore. After the actual con the Nerdbot crew met up for some decompression and some tacos at LA Live as we prepared for the after party at Club Nokia. This was somewhat of a disappointment: not the interaction part but the music and the entertainment. I danced way less and talked more than any club I have ever been too, but I think it was for the better. I met some great cosplayers and I think actually made a couple of friends, which was totally unexpected. I don’t think the club experience was bad, per say, it was just unexpected. Not interesting in the negative sense as people often use to describe lots of things, but interesting in the sense that I never imagined a club experience to be a learning and networking one. Day 2 of the con was very different for me. I arrived much earlier and was in full Nerdbot attire. I met up with fellow Nerdbot members Jaime T and Ajay, who proceeded to take me around the Vendor side of the convention. We walked around as they looked around for “things” and “stuff,” which I later learned the explanation for. We also stopped at at the Unicornicopia booth, where I bought a unicorn horn and became the first official Nerdbot Unicorn. I also stopped by one of my favorite burlesque dancers booths Ms. Dita Von Teese where I so disappointed I didn’t bring my book, Burlesque and The Art of The Tease, for her to sign. She was absolutely breathtaking as usual. I even found a booth which sold a few Dr. Who games board and card games and tons and tons of figurines of Doctor characters. The whovian in me came out in full force. All in all my experience was great. I saw so many costumes and so many people who were so comfortable just being themselves it inspired me. It made me feel more confident that I too can come out and make a cool costume and not feel judged or ashamed about what I love to do...Cosplay. I have loved dressing up since I was young and now, as an adult I feel like it’s ok. I appreciate the nerd culture for giving people an opportunity to express themselves and a place to just be. This, for me was an eye opener. Even though I was there for such a short time I really took in a whole lot and it was an experience I will never forget. I feel like my first con will be the first of many. I will never rent a costume again. I will now be making mine from now on. These amazing individuals showed me, with their booths, their cosplay, their smiles, their innovations, their laughter that being who you are is totally ok no matter if it is in a different way than society says one should be. I absolutely loved it!

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