Zombie Prom - Another Awesome Cosplay Night!

December 1, 2015




Another Club Cosplay event...another awesome time.

The Nerdbot crew came out in full force to a familiar venue, the M15 in Corona.

We've see a few Cosplay events in this location, but none quite like this.

This time we had the pleasure of attending ZOMBIE PROM.

I attended as a survivor trying to make my way through the zombie horde.

I was ready to have a drink and wash out the depression of the Apocalypse. but first I had to prove my worthiness. I was led into the ZOMBIE MAZE. I must have screamed so loud I scared the life back into the zombies.

I checked myself for any Zombie bites...I was ok...no damage...no infection.




Once inside I made my way to the dance floor. I was greeted by the always awesome DJ Galactic Ray and DJ Chuck None. Oh...and of course the blood sucking zombies. They didn't seem so bad. I think the music had them in a trance.

As always, good times, good drinks, good friends and the music was loud enough to wake the dead.

I always say the same thing after a Cosplay event. What makes it so great are the people. They are so friendly and open about their lives. It really feels like a family.

I can't wait for the next one!



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