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So as a new cosplayer I have been trying to figure out how I want to create my own style and approach to my outfits. In researching I have seen there are many ways of cosplaying, but I have seen a few predominant approaches. Here are the ones that have seriously interested me: the steam punk, the uniquely sexy approach, the exact replica, the mashup, and the complete transformation. Now all of these different styles are a unique form of expression and can be looked at as fashion. As a former fashion student I have semi-analyzed each and saw such a variety of texture and materials it has astonished me. So many different materials have been used from the normal things used to make costumes like fabric, feathers and tape, to the more unusual items like PVC piping, a millions different types of foam, resin and clay. The possibilities are endless, but I wanted to discuss of few options here.

The mashup, in my opinion, takes the most imagination. There are many cosplayers out there who take two or more very different character and create a costume that combines the best parts of each, for example one of my favorites that I have seen are the Disney character and slave Leia costumes, because I am partial to anything Disney. Alternatively, there is cosplayer, Manny Peeples who does great mashups of superhero’s, villians and even luchadores. The picture above is a mashup of Doctor Strange and Nick Fury. Its concept comes from the comic books. And if you know the artwork you can see what he did. I mean, its so detailed.. I love that you can take things from totally different genre’s and put them together to create something so unique and interesting. I eventually want to be able to create something like this, but as a newbie it’s a little intimidating.

The exact replica’s impress me the most! Some people take so many hours to create. I had the great pleasure of meeting the owner of Max's Sci Fi Creation Shop who makes EXACT replica’s of the infamous Stormtrooper uniform for the 501st and Rebel Legion. He explained how they make them and that they do so to the same measurements as they did in Star Wars. I mean every single nut, bolt and screw is exactly the same. Can you say amazing? Besides that they also can make and create any other kind of cosplay you want. There are people that create such amazing outfits that they get rented out for movies and videos all over the country.

I was also fortunate to meet, Akemi Hogan, who had one of her costumes rented for a video in Chicago. It was so heavy and cost over $300 to ship. That thing took, time and effort, and a whole lot of material to make. Can you imagine how heavy it must be to wear? Now that’s commitment.

On the other hand, I like my cosplay to be more like me: a cross between sexy and overly girly. I would rather change a character I like and put my own twist on it. I took my inspiration from one of my fellow Nerdbot crew members and writers Frankie Obe. All of his cosplay have his Hispanic culture mixed into them and make him stand out more. His two favorite ones are his PanchoPool, a play on Deadpool, and Obejuan,a play on Obi-Wan.

I am making my very first full cosplay outfit for the upcoming Nerdbot event: the Mos Eisley Cantina. I have decided to be a Pinup Slave Leia. I have researched a lot about how to create the look and what materials to use. I am a little scared but confident I can pull this off. I think that my own style for all my cosplay will be changing the character into a more pinup look which is my personal style. Fingers crossed it goes well. There will be updates after the event with lots and lots of pictures. Wish me luck!

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