Lego Review - First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter 75101

Much like the trailer and box art suggests, the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 is never too far behind the trail of our heroes. At the moment there isn't much known as to why this new fleet of Tie's has a distinct Red color streak on one side but it certainly accents the design of the cockpit and wing brace extremely well. Complete with its own pair of flick blasters and a crew of 4 minifigure, this new Tie Fighter Offering is a neat part of the Force Awakens launch!

Here is our breaking-down of pieces, minifigs, bags, and booklets, etc. to help you have solid data on hand when considering a purchase. Our ultimate goal is to determine which provide the appropriate needs of any Builder or Collector:

While the piece count seems heavier towards the black side, it should be noted the larger pieces are mostly in Gray. The best part about this particular inventory is that there are a variety of modern lego molds to upgrade your building criteria, especially if you are into building space themes. A tasteful touch that is easy to miss on this design is the use of Roller Skate Part#(11253) on the wings for detail. The employment of this piece is sure to inspire many uses for builders! The windshield is printed on a Transparent Red Windscreen piece which is exclusive to this set and is the finishing touch in a tasteful combination of Light Bluish-Gray, Red, And Black.

Lego is stepping up their mini figure detail once again showing off some really enhanced mask pieces for both the First Order Crew and TIE Fighter Pilots in this set. The Hat Piece for the First Order Officer deserves an honorable mention as it too has what I'm sure will be a signature design when the movie debut reveals the story behind these soon to be classic characters!

At first glance, you might assume this build is a bit awkward when assembling the wings of the TIE to the Body of the craft. However, once locked in, the wings are sturdy and allow for safe play and storage. Lego did a fantastic job on this set on the build experience, execution and accuracy of what will be a formidable opponent on the big screen!

This one is a tough call for Builders or Collectors for a few reasons. The main one being the price point. Like most of Lego’s new Licensed sets, it is extra pieced and fig’d with a heavier price. That is - you are paying more that you would for other sets at the same piece count, so Lego is including more Figs and Small parts. That being said, if you had to choose between buying this out of the 7 sets near it’s price range it sure beats out the

First Order Transport 71503. I can finally say the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter is one I can suggest highly for the Builders. I would advise Collectors set their bank accounts on a course with a set that provides minifigs with higher value and rarity. As the second wave of sets approaches and shelf space becomes scarce.

Here is a time lapse video of me building this unit brick by brick:

And as Always, May The Force Brick With You!

Anthony Ayala

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