Star Wars: Battlefront Review - I've Been Wronged

Star Wars Battlefront sucks! Yes it flat out sucks.

Stars Wars Battlefront may be the biggest bust of the year. And don’t even mention Tony Hawk which had nowhere near the anticipation of Star Wars Battlefront had. But how could it be? It’s freaking Star Wars! It had to be great. How could it fail? As most of my friends thought so by preordering this game, “It doesn’t need a campaign, its Star Wars Battlefront” and they went on to perform fellacio on it as I rolled my eyes. Behold this amazing chart comparing Battlefront 2 to Battlefront.

Now which game would you rather drop 60 bucks of your hard earned money on? Do the math. How the hell does EA get away with this shit or dropping online only multiplayer games and charging $60 for it. It’s a crime. Sure COD comes out every year and people continue to support COD, but at least Cod is a great shooter and offers a campaign along with zombies. Hell, this year it even gave you 4 player co-op. Oh and it was the same price of Battlefront. This kind of let down is real. This game is barely worth $30 bucks on a good day. And guess what, this game isn’t even yet complete as you get to pay an extra $50 for more features and maps but that is not the problem. It’s the game play. The shooter aspect of this game doesn’t even feel right. I know when I play Battlefield, COD, Destiny, whenever I shoot or get killed it feels more realistic. In Battlefront it’s like I’m shooting red lasers that feel like soft beanbags at my enemies.

The game is meant to be played in 3rd person and when I do that it feels better, but still lacks in overall aggression. Outside Fighter Squadron which Battlefront really nails, all other modes I could care less about. And out of all games that just came out right now, how do I even get excited to play Fighter Squadron when I can be leveling up my character in Fallout 4 or leveling up in COd and even Destiny for that matter. I don’t think there ever was a game that needed a campaign so bad, other than this piece of shit. I can’t justify this game. It is the worst digital purchase I’ve ever made. I can’t return it or trade it in. It is now forever in the cloud mocking my hard drive space. I still can’t even get over that chart above lol.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way, Breaking Benjamin founder Benjamin Burnley had this to say as well…

"They tried to basically say 'We would like to have you post on your social media about how much you enjoy the game' and I'll leave it at that. And I said 'Sure, if I like it,' which I don't. Because it fucking sucks. The gameplay sucks," Burnley said in an interview with radio station WCYY 94.3.

Then a few days after Battlefront came out my super Star Wars friends came clean to me and told me “Yeah Aaron, if this wasn’t Star Wars, I don’t think I’d ever play it again.”

Nor will I.

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