Neon Retro Arcade in Pasadena - Blast from the Past

I'm a Southern California local (Nerdbot is based in Pasadena)

I kept hearing about this new arcade that arrived in old town Pasadena and it had my curiosity. Not only because it's an arcade in Old Town Pasadena, aka BARS GALORE! But also the fact that Pasadena has been arcade-less for several years ever since Pak Mann Arcade closed down. I arrived around 9pm on a Saturday night and it wasn't overly crowded. You didn't have to wait for any games which is always a plus in my book. How it works is you pay by the hour. It's fairly affordable giving the fact that it's Pasadena and Pasadena can be pretty pricey. This arcade is a small arcade, but it compensates with its retro games. You have everything from PAC-Man to the original Double Dragon. It also had a great variety of Pin Ball machines. I really liked the variety.

I palyed about 8 different cabinets before I landed at RAMPAGE. Something about destroying cities as a Monster get's me really happy. The child in me was very pleased! The people who work at the establishment were very nice and helpful and it is a place I will definitely have to return to, after of course a drink or two at a nearby bar!

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