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This week we've made a new drink in honor of Ravenborn Leblanc from League Of Legends. We call this scary drink ... MANA POTION Here's what you need: Tall Glass Ice 1.5 Oz Vodka 1/2 Oz Blue Caracoa 1/2 Oz Peach Schnapps 1/2 Oz Chambord Fill With Sweet & Sour Mix Top off with 7-up For instructions please watch the video Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE for more awesome drinks!!!!! Make sure to subscribe by clicking on this link http://bit.ly/1Fdi5CP http://www.facebook.com/nerdbotmedia Instagram: @nerdbotmedia Our resident bartender is Ajay Graham from Jewels Mixology Visit his site at www.jewelsmixology.com/ FB: www.facebook.com/AjaytheMixologist Our taster for this video is awesome Cosplayer Akemi Hogan You can find her on Instagram at facecbook.com/Akemi101xox or search Akemi101xox Model/Cosplay

Here's the Video:

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