All-New All Different Marvel: Don’t Call it a Relaunch

This week saw the release of 4 all new #1 issues of Marvel’s All-New All-Different launch. It is not a relaunch but more of a reintroduction to characters we know and love and some characters we may not know or love. Originally this line was suppose to launch after the end of the Secret Wars, but with delays and an extra issue releasing in December long time fans and newcomers are thrown into the mix 8 months after the events of Secret Wars. These 4 issues are our jump off point to the new Marvel Universe. I don’t like time jumps like this but I see why it had to be done in order not to spoil the ending of a very confusing to explain story. Here are my reviews for each of the new titles.

Doctor Strange This was the first one of the 4 that I read and I have to say it is one of my favorites. It is more cartoony and whimsical due to the nature of the character and story. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo do the good doctor justice with their story and pictures. Dr. Strange deals with the day to day battle of the world unseen. Strange lives in both the spirit plane and our own. He fights paranormal and spiritual threats well we go through our day to day lives and oh he is a ladies man too. I like this take on the doctor because he is cocky, and seems familiar even if you haven’t read any early Strange books. I feel like this take is more like Doctor Who meets Constantine with a Marvel twist. There are some nice cameos of well known Marvel characters that deal with magic, the supernatural, and the things that go bump in the night. This book introduces a new threat to Strange and is the most interesting and entertaining books out of the four. Must read.

Contest of Champions The next issue I read was Contest of Champions by writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina. One thing that stood out was the colors and inks by David Curiel and Juan Vlasco respectively. This book was the weakest of the four. The story or lack thereof is short and not to the point. We are introduce to a not well known English hero the Outlaw the British Punisher. This seems to be continuation of the Battleworld story introduced into in the Secret Wars story. But with the storylines in that series not finished this issue and book is just confusing and not interesting since the Battleworld story is very similar to this one. It seems like a tie in to a free to play pay to win mobile game and an unfinished storyline. Skip this one.

The Amazing Spider-Man In an issue that reintroduces the web-slinger as a humble international tech mogul we see Peter Parker balance running a company and saving the world. This book to meet felt very similar to Batman Inc. and referenced in the comic a poor Tony Stark. Writer Dan Slott and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli give us a new start to the story of Spider-Man with an Alex Ross cover (I picked up the Hip-Hop variant). In this thick issues we are introduced to a multi-web shooter, a spider-mobile and a wrist device by Parker Industries. Spidey also teams up with S.H.I.EL.D. to take down the Zodiac an animal motif criminal organization. Mockingbird and Nick Fury make good camoes in here and so does a surprise villain I will not spoil. This is a good book but it seemed like a chore to finish since it was the longest and had many mini intros to the Spider-family of books. I am one fan who is fatigued of Spider-Man and his amazing friends but interested in certain twist to characters. It is a good book that is borrowing from other heroes and stories. I will like to seem them use the network of Spider-Heroes but we seen this with Batman Inc and Spider-Verse. Pick up if you are not all webbed out.

Invincible Iron Man The last of the 4 was my second favorite. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez gives us known character with new tools, toys, and human emotions. This time around in the Iron Avenger’s life we see a man who is trying to rebuild his rep and show the world a new side of someone we may think we know and maybe tired of. Bendis has had many runs writing multiple stories with Tony Stark but this time he is the main focus and not just part of a group of superheroes. We get cocky and vulnerable Tony we meet him broken and unsure of himself. He has made a new patchwork with a new A.I. his girl Friday who is funny and a bit of a smartass. We also see him strikeout with the ladies. There is very little action but the writing by Bendis is on point and introduces old characters in new and old ways. The panels in this issue are beautiful and make the story pop. This is a must read

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