The Amazing World Of Stan Lee’s Funko Pop.

During a NERDBOT’s podcast, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down as a special guest with the NERDBOT boys Frankie, Andres, Jamie, Zack, and Anthony, for what was to be some great discussion’s on toys, games, and personal stories about Stan Lee.

As the show was moving along one of the topics came up on what were our favorite toys growing up and how did they affect us in our childhood.

Let’s face it, we all were once little kids everyday playing. And now we are older kids with obsessions turning our toys into collections. And speaking of collections, Funko Pop vinyl figures are the hottest toy collection that anyone can buy. Wither your old or young, a collector or just plain Jane enthusiast Funko pop is taking the average amateur collector or veteran collector into a universal world of possibilities.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Funko pop, the company was founded in 1998 and since 2005 the company has manufactured licensed pop culture toys. Funko is most known for producing over 1000 different licensed vinyl figures. The company has large lines from signed licensing deals with Marvel, DC Comics, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, CBS, Fox, Disney, HBO, NFL, Hasbro, and Cartoon Network. So the possibility of finding something that you like associated with Funko withier its movies, television, games, music, or sports is limitless and universal.

Which brings us to the point of that podcast discussion…Stan Lee. Since its first introduction at 2013’s (NYCC) New York Comic Con, Stan Lee’s product lines are one of the most desirable collectors items on the market. Stan Lee’s vinyl pops are exclusive’s from show to show, meaning whenever Stan Lee shows up to a major event like any of the comic con’s across the country from New York, Seattle, San Diego, and across the world from England to Japan.

For every major comic book show that Stan Lee attends, there’s a 99% percent chance that the event will have a Stan Lee Collectibles booth, selling an exclusive pop vinyl by Stan Lee. I started collecting the Stan Lee’s vinyl set since its introduction back in 2014.

But this year’s 2015 Comikaze, Stan Lee Collectibles commissioned Funko pop to produce exclusively 10 Stan Lee Chrome Gold and 10 Stan Lee Chrome Silver pops. And if you were lucky enough to win the raffled at the Stan Lee’s collectible booth, you were in possession of only 20 of these exclusive vinyl pops in the entire world!!! And the price range for one of these exclusive vinyl’s are putting Stan Lee at the very top of the collectors Holy Grail market. They range from $3,000 to upwards of about $5,000. So if you can get your hands on the more affordable Stan Lee pop’s, I suggests you get them when you can. In conclusion, go out and get whatever Funko pop variety fits your collection needs. There the beginning of what could be the amazing world of collecting. As Stan lee would say, “Nuff Said”!!!

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