"Krampus" Movie Review: He Came to Take

Krampus is an old folklore tale of a creature who follows St. Nicholas. He does not give presents to the boys and girls of the world but he punishes those who were naughty. I’d rather take a lump of coal over the fiendish plans that Krampus has in store for you. This movie is a retelling of the European tale set to an American background. I present to you with limited spoilers the review of Krampus. Spoiler Alert Christmas time comes once a year and for good reason. A season that was used for joy and family reunions has turned into a time where people are greedy, and indulge in over shopping, eating, yelling at red cups, and being humbugs. Well my friends I have some bad news for you Krampus is going to snatch you up and that’s the base of the movie. Our love of ourselves and big business trying to revitalize the economy and earn mega bucks has led to the loss of holiday cheer. That leads to Christmas losing it’s meaning and lil kids like Max, the protagonist of the story, not believing in Santa. Max played by Emjay Anthony is having a bad Christmas experience with his dysfunctional family. His upper middle class family is joined this year by his redneck Murica lovin country cousins. Just like magic things go down the tubes during dinner because of the different lives they lead. Max tears up the letter he wrote to Santa and throws it into the wind. This is where things take a turn for the worst because Santa didn’t get his letter, but Krampus did. Krampus comes to town to punish everyone who has lost the true meaning of Christmas. This beast of a creature is joined by devilish toys that would make good ol’ Jack jealous, and his versions of elves. They rain terror throughout the tri-state area (always wanted to say that). Krampus is labelled a horror film but that is misleading. It is a moral tale with dark comedy elements. This movie is more of a realization of how far we have come from the true meaning of Christmas. The grown ups in this movie are the strong points. Adam Scott and David Koechner have good comedic timing in the film and Conchata Ferrell as aunt Dorthy is just golden as an alcoholic family member no one can stand. The mothers in the film played Toni Collette and Allison Tolman are not as strong as the other members in the cast. As for the children in the movie they were mostly annoying and used as victims for Krampus.

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Krampus has it’s comedic strengths, but the movie’s short run time and mostly uneventful middle hold it down. Things do take place to progress the story, but more could have occurred with a longer runtime. It did succeed in telling the tale of Krampus and how we no longer know the true meaning of Christmas. It also opens up with a Black Friday type of shopping night showing showing how we trample, punch, and do harm to others in order to obtain an object on sale. It could have done better, but it's good for what it is...not a horror movie. If you go expecting blood and gore, I am sorry, this is not the type of movie. I give it 6.5 children on the naughty list out of 10

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