The Review of Jessica Jones: The Next Chapter of the Hell’s Kitchen Saga

Netflix made a deal with Disney/Marvel to bring some of their more mature stories to the small screen. Daredevil was the 1st in the series of shows being called the Defenders series. At the end of this phase, all 4 shows will lead up to a Netflix movie or show called the Defenders. I’d prefer for it to be called Heroes for Hire but that’s just me. The second show in the series is Jessica Jones based on the Alias and aka Jessica Jones written by that sweet genius god Brian Michael Bendis. Here is my review of the 1st season Jessica Jones. Beware my friends...spoilers ahead for the comics and possibly for the show. Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter, is a private investigator with a dark past. Did I mention she also inherited powers during an accident...cause that totally happens. Jones is a hard drinking P.I. who stays up most of the night to find out the dirty little secrets of those who live in New York City. She starts to follow Luke Cage played by Mike Colter for reasons unknown. Jessica also suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which was caused by the Purple Man aka Kilgrave played by David Tennant. The season follows the relationship between Cage, Kilgrave, and Trish Walker played by Rachael Taylor, with Jessica’s drug addict neighbor Malcolm Ducasse sprinkled in. This show does a good job in showing the ups and downs of each relationship Jessica has. The Purple Man plays an important role in trying to destroy what she has and to keep her all to himself. Kilgrave has the power of mind control and making people do exactly everything he has for them to do. His whole life he gets what he wants and he does not know if this is due to his power, or if they actually want to. Jessica Jones dives into the exploration of PTSD, depression, rape, and abusive relationships. It can be hard to watch since many people know someone who has had something happen to them or them themselves were the victim. In the show there is a help group for victims of Kilgrave. The acts that he makes people do can be innocent to downright evil. The Purple Man himself doesn’t see his actions as evil since he is not the one committing them, but suggesting others to do them.Tennant is believable as this sick sadistic wanker. You start to hate him and wish that he would finally get his.

Trish Walker and Luke Cage are done well and are given motives behind what they do. Trish is an ex-child star and Cage is a tough skin bartender. They are Jessica’s support in the show and at times stronger characters than her. This group is also joined by Will Simpson played by Wil Travel. Simpson is an ex-spec ops operator who uses pills to get an edge on the fight. His alter ego in the comics is Nuke, a man with great strength and combat skills given to him though pills. He cannot control his anger and acts when he swallows one too many. Will Simpson is a shadow of who he is in the comics. Probably to downplay him and save him for season 2 or another series. Jessica Jones was more stale and played the damsel in distress. This changes in the run of the show. She starts to grow as a character and is fully developed through the season. The big difference between the show and the comic is that Alias is darker than the show. Jessica is not seen or heard from for 6 months in the series. During that time the Purple Man takes advantage of her indirectly...well he tortures and murders other victims. The sad part to this whole story is that she is a new Avenger and her bff is Ms. Marvel. No one checks on her or cares about her and that’s where she becomes jaded. The show downplays the more sinister parts of the plots which is a good thing. This show hits some high notes from the comics and leaves room for development. Due to it being the 2nd in the 4 series deal characters from this show will be used in both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Everyone in this section of the Marvel Universe is connected through one relationship or another. Jessica herself was one of the weak points to this character due to the actress in the role, but there is no one else I’d see fit to run Alias. This is not the type of show to Netflix and chill with, unless you like weird things. All and all this is a must watch show and a great 2nd series in the Defenders Saga. Next up is Luke Cage well after season 2 of DD everyone’s favorite public defender. This show gets 8 ass kicking P.I.s out of 10

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