Nerd Rage: Star Wars Fans are not Basic!

There are many fandoms and nerd circles walking around these days. One of the largest fan bases around is those who worship at the temple of a beautiful sweet sweet goddess named Star Wars. Since the announcement of new movies, and additions to Disneyland, everyone got sucked up into the tornado of this fandom.

One thing that has bugged me and that I have heard thrown around is that us Star Wars fans are basic. Yes, it can be classified as high fantasy, but so can Stargate and Star Trek. In this segment of Nerd Rage I will explain to you why we are not basic when it comes to that galaxy far, far away.

When Star Wars first opened back in May 1977 the world changed. Inspired by old serialized movies and shows with a mix of samurai inspiration a new franchise in the sci-fi genre. Buck Rogers and Star Trek were first, but “A New Hope” took it to a whole other level. You may ask, Obe why are you writing this, you do not sound mad or enraged? I say to you amigo...I almost snapped my phone in half after I saw someone say Star Wars is not hardcore because everyone loves it and it is easy to get to. That’s what makes the story of the Skywalkers awesome! The entry is easy. All you need to do is watch 4-6 and have an understanding of the universe and story. You ever try being a Trekkie? It is freaking hard to understand or stay awake through a lot of shows, movies, and books. God forbid you want to jump through a Stargate and join their ranks.

Yes, at the surface it is an easy story to get into, but then there is this rabbit hole you can jump into. There is no freaking series that has more side stories and an in-depth expanded universe (EU) than Star Wars. Yes, I know that it doesn't count anymore (thanks to Disney), but the EU has been around for decades. Some of the best stories have been told outside of the movies. It gave us the badass Sith, Darth Talon. You try and answer trivia questions about the EU and you will get served. Many fans just see the what their eyes let them see and some die hards dive right in and explore that universe.

One of the more detailed cosplays to do is a Star Wars costume. This is where knowledge and detail of the galaxy come in handy. The 501st and Rebel Legion are top tier clubs where entry is given to those who can assemble a movie accurate cosplay. For Trekkies, you just have to buy or sew a Federation shirt, put on some regulation pants, and get a phaser to join their club. Star Wars cosplay can be one of the most creative forms of showing your love of the series. Yes there can be really lazy costumes that make you want slice a tauntaun from throat to tail. Just because you wear a robe doesn’t mean you are a Jedi you gotta give a good effort. The awesomeness of Star Wars is that you do variants of characters which can be simple and easy.

So here is my point. There may be Star Wars fans that are basic, but that doesn’t mean that we are all basic. Every fandom has their own group of fans that bring down their value. Comic book fans have Harley Quinn and Deadpool diehards that don't anything about thier charaters. The Walking Dead heads have people that only watch the show and talk down about the franchise’s roots. Movie fans have Twihards and 50 Shades of Grey fans to deal with. Everyone has basic fans that take away from the value of the following. We also have dumb fans that say knowledge and names wrong, but we can’t hold that against a fandom. Not everyone is a die hard Star Wars fan, but we ain’t all basic baby.

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