Nerd Rage: Prepare Yourselves... Deadpool is Coming and I HATE IT!

On February 12 2015 a dark day for most self respecting nerds will come and the world will be devoured by the Reign of Deadpool. Cons like Long Beach Comic Expo, WonderCon, DragonCon, SDCC, and every Wizard World will be filled with more Deadpools. That’s a fine thing if only Wade Wilson wasn’t blindly followed and loved by millions. Hold on to your precious asses cause I am going weapons free and all out on the Merc with the Mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bang bang, pew pew, you’re dead, and chimichangas is basically all you need to know about Deadpool the male Harley of the Marvel universe. (I’ll talk about Harley sometime before her horrible movie comes out) (Boobs) You may ask yourself , Frank why you such a hater you tub of fat? Well kiddies it’s because a lot of you don’t know shit about Wade and just eat up his at best 8 out of 10 stars stories. At worst his issues rate a solid 1. Let’s take a trip to the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Rob Liefeld, the co-creator of the very serious muscle bound no feet having original Deadpool (hahaha cause he can’t draw feet, but can draw really huge ti…….. milk jugs). OG Wade Wilson was a mercenary with no mouth who was part of X-Force with his bae/bff Cable. He was a parody of (no I mean a ripoff of fucking Deathstroke) Slade Wilson. The origins of the creation of the character is muddy as poo. Fabian Nicieza, the lesser known co-creator of Deadpool has stated that it was a clear ripoff of the 1st Wilson enemy of the Teen Titans. A team that was formed of the fame and popularity of the X-Men (Mutant Scum). Rob presented his design to Fabian as a copycat of Deathstroke, but later Liefeld claims that he is actually a Spider-Man parody.

Where did he get that annoying fucking mouth from? Originally it was from writer Joe Kelly in 1997. He made this creep into an action comedy parody. This was the Deadpool I loved. Daniel Way to me is one of the better writers of the big mouthed parody.

This is what gets me mad. The writing is bad and the stories are washed down. In order to have a good character you need good stories. Tell me some memorable stories about Deadpool? (Crickets I figured cause I’m effing smart)

For almost ten years there was very little out of Deadpool until the late 00. This is when he was placed in big events in Marvel and unfortunately bursted into popularity due to cosplay (had to be cosplay) What’s real ironic is that one of the biggest and let’s say best Deadpool cosplayer is the funny and charming D-Piddy. (my senpai) (boobs) He is a mentor of sorts to me when it comes to my cosplay and he knows my white hot hate for Wade Wilson. He also understands why I hate him. I also know why he loves him. That’s why I look up to him. Unlike other cosplayers, he knows Deadpool is fucking annoying. Oh and we shop at the same comic book shop. (Comics vs Toys...mudda effing shout out)

The main reason I don’t like Deadpool is that people blindly like him. He’s cool…so if you like him you’re cool. He’s really not. He is actually one of the problems with the comic book industry. An idea takes flight and it’s a success, but then they milk the shit out of it. Deadpool is played the fuck out. It’s bad that little kids know who he is, but admire him for what he does as well. I’m sorry, but if I expose my child to comics it’s not gonna be Deadpool. Not because he is vulgar (well kinda) but because he sucks. (fat ones) Kids should read the classics first so that they can appreciate some of the better jokes in a Deadpool book. Nowadays kids and adults just like poo, boobs, butts, and a shitty Tex-Mex dish (fuck a chimi give me a burrito). Do your research kids because Deadpool is like meth. So bad for you yet you can’t let go.

One more thing that bugs me are that people just cosplay as him. They just wear a mask and boom...they’re Deadpool. It doesn’t stop there. A lot of cosplayers are extremely annoying as Wade Wilson. I get it. You want to be that character at that moment. But there are rules. Dont be annoying and don’t be fucking rude. (shit) Also be creative. I did a Deadpool cosplay original to me and my culture. (well kinda) I did a cosplay called Panchopool. It’s a Mexican style Deadpool, but like all things fucking great there were imitations. Which is good because 5 people during a certain time had that same idea.

The last thing…well, last two things are the movie and the fact that Rob Liefeld claims all the glory for the success of Deadpool. He was just the sperm donor to what will become Wade Wilson. Rob only gave him his looks and the basis for others to make Deadpool the annoying piece of shit that I love to hate. I’ve met him 2xs. The 1st he was a complete dick to me who wouldn’t break change for a $20 so I had to get 2 signatures from him. The 2nd time I met him as Panchopool and it was great. His wife and him took a picture of me and he treated me with respect. (love that shit respect) The movie looks good, but I don’t want it to come out! The hype is too real and it is getting annoying. After this film, cons will be filled with Deadpools. This concerns me. Just like Spider-Man, Deadpool is gonna kill something called originality. Until a brave Obejuan steps up to the plate and says fuck you mang let’s get creative.

To end this rage let’s look back at comic characters that were Deadpool before Deadpool,


Booster Gold, Howard the Duck, Lobo, and other characters the 90’s has forgotten.

(P.S. take care my lil ragers) (P.S.P.S. oh and boobies)

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