Is Wrestling Nerdy?

Pro Wrestling falls in an odd and unique category. On one hand, it’s athletic, filled with muscle bound tough guys. On the other hand, it’s a fantasy world, filled with a crazy chairman with a God complex, heroes that never give up, a dead man that turns on the lights when gets to the ring, villains that conspire with the authority to stop the “Yes movement” and crazy and awe inspiring moves such as The Red Arrow and pop up powerbombs.

So is pro wrestling nerdy? I say abso-FUCKING-lutely! Pro wrestling, WWE specifically have extremely loyal fans. These fans even dress up as their favorite wrestlers to go to events (sometimes dressing as referees) Just like cosplayers. WWE shop has a lot of collectable items. Some people have collections that fill rooms. Just like people that collect comic books and movie memorabilia. Sometimes fans that want certain memorabilia they have to either do deep and extensive searches or have to pay a pretty penny. Does that make it “nerdy” I think so.

Let’s talk about the social aspect of it. What’s “Nerdy exactly. Well to me it’s indulging in some type of entertainment culture that “the cool kids” would shun because it’s not popular. Now as of late there’s been a shift into the cool kids deciding that things like comic book characters, video games and even amine was “cool”. They show up to comicon trying to fit in with the nerds. Feigning knowledge about various nerdoms. This never happens to pro wrestling. Sure there was that small time where you found everyone spewing all of The Rock’s catchphrase and doing the DX chop. But they quickly lost interest. Now those same people mentioned their love they once had for wrestling following how stupid it is. This doesn’t happen to any other nerdoms. No one is faking like they know wrestling, it’s shunned more than any other mainstream entertainment. So I say, respect the wrestling nerdom because it’s not easy.

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