10 Cloverfield Lane - Bad Robot's Secret Movie

J.J. Abrams just released a trailer attached to the movie "13 Hours" released this week. The trailer is for a movie called 10 Cloverfield Lane. With a a title like that one can only assume that it is a sequel to Cloverfield which was released 8 years ago. The new movie was filmed in New Orleans in 2014 with the working title Valencia and also referred to as The Cellar.

This looks like a follow up or spiritual successor to Cloverfield. The new movie is directed by Dan Trachtenberg who made the short film Portal: No Escape.

In 2014 Bad Robot and Paramount announced that Trachtenberg will direct a post-apocalyptic thriller. We will soon see 10 Cloverfield Lane aka Cloverfield 2 which happens to feature John Goodman. To finish, the trailer also looks like a bootleg. We will keep you informed about the latest details on this movie and of course a review when it comes out.

Here is the trailer:

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