Nerd Poetry with Ajay Graham "HERO" - Nerdbot

This Nerd Poem will make you feel the LOSS in trying and the LOVE in failing. Written & Performed by Ajay Graham Words below: I must admit there was a slight pain When I told her I wanted to be her Superman And she replied that she was more into guys like Bruce Wayne The type that never smiles, why so serious?! Dark, so brooding and very mysterious Always thinking about justice And I was about just us I want just us to just begin And for her to be my down for whatever, ride or die chick like Harley Quinn Then again, I’m no Joker Maybe, I could change her mind if I could DeathStoke her A crazy man once told me the way to a woman’s heart is through her loins I don’t know maybe I’ll pull a 2 face and flip a coin. But like a coin I can see both side, it’s a gift and a curse Maybe she’ll Marvel at my greatness in another universe I just wanna hold tight, but I need more arms like Doc Ock Like Jean Gray turning to the Phoenix she’s so hot We’re drawn together, see though she’s like Wolverine and I’m Magento But I’m not evil, like some people Hell bend to Punisher like her name is Frank Castle And Speaking of Castle, why must she always be in another castle Instead I have to deal with the Toad ass hole. I can’t ever erase the memories they’re deeply embedded in me like Assassin’s creed I may not be the hero that you want, but I am the hero that you need Visit us at Instagram: @nerdbotmedia

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