Captain Amercia: Steve Rogers will Wield the Shield Again in the Comic

It has been a cold minute since Steve Rogers was Captain America. He lost his abilities and youth last year due to the super solider serum being removed from his body. Until it was revealed during Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years special on ABC. Towards the end of the show a familiar face was seen taking up his old mantle with a new uniform. In the new series, Steve Rogers: Captain America written by Nick Spencer and art by Jesus Saiz, Rogers will return to doing what he does best. revealed that the currently sidelined Rogers will return to being the captian after the Avengers: Standoff crossover. Spencer said “Without spoiling too much of Standoff at this early date, something happens that restore Steve to full vigor, which will obviously greatly impact his own mission and his standing within the Marvel Universe.” Spencer also told “The biggest part of that? He’s Captain America once again.”

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson will both be Captain America. Sam Wilson will take on topical and current threats well Rogers will face a resurgent of the Hydra organization (Hail Hydra). Spencer will write both series Captain America: Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers: Captain America. With the return of Steve Rogers to the fray he brings old friends with him including Sharon Carter. He will also wield a hi-tech version of his shield. I am excited to see Steve Rogers return to form in his new series. I am going to pick up an issue when Steve Rogers: Captain America is launched later this year.

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