The X-Files Revival Premiere Review - Do You Still Believe?

Do you still believe? Mulder and Scully return back to the world of paranormal science and conspiracy theories. It has been 14 years since the FBI detective last graced our TV screens. The series did not miss a beat in the first episode of the miniseries. Grab your tinfoil hats as we go through the X-Files. (Spoilers Ahead)

The episode starts with a narration by former FBI agent Fox Mulder. He goes over his history and why he was determined to research and solve cases that are beyond belief. Mulder also talks about government cover ups and conspiracies. The next scene is the famous Roswell, New Mexico crash. The military and doctors arrive at the scene and there is an injured alien at the crash. He is than killed and one of the doctors takes him away with him. The show cuts to the present day and we are reunited with Mulder who contacts Scully who is now a surgeon. They are brought together by Joel Mchale’s "Tad O’Malley". Tad is a conspiracy theorist TV show host. He leads our heroes to a girl named Sveta (Annet Mahendru) who has had encountered both Mulder, Scully, and aliens.

That is where the story takes a tailspin in conspiracy theory wonderland. The story gets bigger with every twist and turn in the 1st episode. Nothing is what it seems and it leaves the viewer asking for more. The theories used in the episode invoke the paranoia of today with secret governments, aliens, weather warfare, martial law, and more.

Seeing all these theories and the story develop makes me want to see more. This episode seemed darker and edgier than the original ones which on their own gave me nightmares. The best part of the return was mulder and his obsession with the truth. That is where the show shined. It’s downfall is that the tone seemed disinterested and bored. Will we see this change in the rest of the run, and will this satisfy our need for more X-Files. I want to believe that it will. The X-Files premiere gets 7 grays out of 10.

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