Star Wars: The Force Awakens Has Now Become the Highest-Grossing Domestic Film of All Time

It only took 2 and half weeks, but Star Wars The Force Awakens now holds the domestic record for all-time highest box office. Today the film will surpass Avatar’s $760.5 million. James Cameron’s film made $750 million during its initial 7-month run plus another $10 when it was re-released into theaters.

However, Force Awakens has a long way to go before eclipsing the $2.78 billion earned worldwide by Avatar, even as it does staggering business. Through Tuesday, its worldwide tally is $1.56 billion, and that doesn't include China, where Force Awakens lands on Jan. 9.

It will be interesting to see how much power The Force Awakens has, but nevertheless, the film has definitely been the box office behemoth we expected.

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