M. Night Shyamalan And “Tales from the Crypt.”?

For those who grew up in the 1990s , very few TV shows had the cult status that Tales from the Crypt enjoyed from 1989 to 1996 on HBO.

Now it seems like TFTC is getting a reboot from a pair of surprising sources: TNT and M. Night Shyamalan.

A new version of the HBO late-night anthology series will lead a new two-hour block of terror and suspense-themed programming for TNT, which will be curated by the Oscar-nominated writer-director. Plots for “Tales from the Crypt” will be based on William Gaines’s original EC Comics along with new stories.

As much as I can't stand his work from the recent years, I still wanna see him win. Who knows? Maybe some TV will do him some good?.... I hope.

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