Nerd Rage: Ungrateful Star Wars Fanboys

By the time you read this you probably have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens like 3xs at the max. I have seen this film twice already and I have to say that I loved it the 2nd time around. I’m going to tell you why it is a good movie and why you should stop complaining about it. Do I even have to tell you that there are going to be spoilers from mild to hot. Now sit back and let me rant.

Star Wars fans had 2 great movies and 1 good one when the series came out. For us hardcore fans we dubbed these films the original trilogy. The next group of films that were released were utter crap. We suffered 2 hour plus runtimes on movies that ruined and played with the timeline, but we watched the shit out of them anyway. Things looked grimmed with the end of episode 3. It marked the end of the saga. George Lucas, the Creator said that after this trilogy ended he would not being making a new one. We were all disappointed by this statement. The fact that the story went backwards instead of progressing the timeline. Then Disney came and the future of the franchise was changed.

Dec 17, 2015 at 11:30pm I was sitting in a theatre next to the Nerdbot editor and chief, as well as some of the crew. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was watching the new film with friends and drinking buddies. I enjoyed The Force Awakens, but I loved it the 2nd time around because the shock was gone. To my dismay I’ve seen people complain and want more from the movie. Of course I felt like there were certain things that could have been different, but I’m ok with it. This movie moved along the story and showed us where and what has been going on with our beloved characters.

To the fans that are complaining about the movie I say…keep quiet and enjoy this time that we live in. It was a good movie and one that will lead to better sequels and stories that we will see in the future. Oh the film’s plot is too close to “A New Hope”. No shit nerfherder! That’s ok because episode 1 introduced Jar Jar Effin Binks. The build up to the movie was very heavy and some of the characters were under used, but in general the story was good. It borrowed from fan fiction, the expanded universe, and stories of old.

The Force Awakens was a big thank you to us fans, the ones who waited and prayed for a proper trilogy and conclusion to the storylines started in 77. For fans to bash this film for what they didn’t get…well that’s just being greedy. We didn’t get a sequel to the prequels, we got one for the original films that we fell in love with. It gave us what we wanted yet many of you are upset with what we got. Get over yourselves!!! JJ Abrams delivered a solid movie with great characters to love. I am personally a Poe fanboy. I want to be as cool and as smooth as him. Rey and Finn will become badasses and we will get to know their backstory.

The villains of the film were underplayed, but that’s because this was the story of the heroes. Vader didn’t do much in episode IV, but in Empire he came back after defeat from the hands of a young moisture farmer.

I will bet that in the next film the First Order, Kylo, and Snoke will rain hell on the Resistance. Hey People, it’s called a build up. I know many of you don’t know what that is, but with a multiple film saga there needs to be a beginning, middle, and end. This was just the start of it, sit back and relax take this movie for what is and stop trashing it. Abrams could have given us a movie filled with crap instead he gave us his vision of what he wanted Star Wars to be and it was good. The journey has just begun. You can talk shit after episode 15 the Reign of Jar Jar followed by episode 16 Ewoks Ewoks, Ewoks.

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