LEGO Review - Star Wars 75051 Jedi Scout Fighter Build

Picture This: Your walking down the Stars Wars Lego Isle pondering your next purchase among the notable SW Franchise ships we know and love when you eyes become transfixed to some noticeably angled wings, a sleek low profile design, A Jedi You Have never Seen Before, One you HAVE seen before, and 2 Droids you probably didn't know were in existence and next thing you know, it's going home with you! The Jedi Scout Fighter 75051 flies off: "The New Yoda Chronicles" Animated short film and is a stunning recreation of an intriguing design that adds more wonder to the Star Wars Saga! Here is our breaking-down of pieces, minifigs, bags, and booklets, etc. to help you have solid data on hand when considering a purchase. Our ultimate goal is to determine which provide the appropriate needs of any Builder or Collector:

The color inventory for this set is spread around fairly with the larger pieces being made up of white plates. The various angles and low profile design means more flat pieces and small parts for hull details. Like most ships produced now, it has it’s share of Technic pieces which help achieve the angled wing effect. I could definitely see the Jedi Scout Fighter as a type of “Space Ship Booster Pack” for any builders looking to flex their ship building muscles.

The 4 Minifigures included in this set are also consistent with Lego’s healthy new tradition of providing a variety of play/collectable elements that has been paired along with their latest price increases. Included you will find Jek-14, A Sith now turned Good-Guy after joining forces with the Jedi, The Detailed Jek-14 Comes with a unique trans-blue arm and white hilted lightsaber. You also get a well molded Ithorian Jedi Master, complete with his own lightsaber. You also get an RA-7 protocol droid, and a cool Dark Blue Astromech Droid. What else can be said about the design that it doesn’t say itself? It’s flawless! The sleek looking exterior, the play features in the center cockpit and rear storage. It’s the perfect combination of design and play features synonymous to the Lego name. I don’t want to give away too much of the building experience, but once the wings are on, you will almost feel like the build was too short, luckily the build is spread evenly throughout the bags.

It almost seemed like a tough decision but after considering the positive aspects on all sides, I have decided that this build is beneficial to both Builders or Collectors! There is one aspect I will advise to all, and that is the price point. For being a ship not many know about, and having figures not consistent with the popular Star Wars timelines, this set is at the current Lego Price point but lacks the desired “need to have” factor to honor it’s current price. If possible at all, try to acquire this using a discounted method to achieve a closer price per piece ratio as I did price matching between Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. The Jedi Scout Fighter is definitely one you don’t want to miss if you can get it for the right price. Good luck, Happy Building, And Once Again, May The Force Brick With You!

Here is a time lapse video of me building this unit brick by brick:

And as Always, May The Force Brick With You!

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