December Loot Crate Review - GALAXY

Happy Holidays, folks. Holy hell were mine chaotic. As such, this review is much later than I would have preferred.

I have to say my initial response to this crate was disappointing. That was because when I opened the crate all I saw was the Exclusive Halo 5 Ammo Tin Box. This thing was really neat, don't get me wrong, but it filled the entire crate. And for a split second I thought that was all that was in the Crate.

Then my girlfriend opened that and started taking out the rest of the contents. I'm not gonna unbox on minimal sleep ever again.

So first of all, we had the Exclusive Ugly Holiday Sweater T-Shirt featuring an 8-bit style "Ugly Holiday Sweater" design featuring our solar system as well as what I believe is the Mars Rover, but I could be wrong. But I honestly stopped paying attention as soon as I pulled out my Exclusive Funko Pop Star Wars Han Solo Bobble-Head. Featuring the older Han Solo from the Force Awakens, this is my First Star Wars Funko Pop and I am super happy about it. It's gonna go right next to my Second Star Wars Funko Pop of Darth Vader. It is so awesome looking.

Next we pulled out the Exclusive Galaxy Quest Authentic Prop Replica Patch. We did our unboxing at a friend's house who absolutely loves Galaxy Quest and she squealed with much glee when she saw it. We also pulled out the Exclusive Star Wars BB-8 Crew Socks which we both chuckled with glee over. Hopefully they'll fit one of us. Finally there was a Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack that, honestly, neither of us were excited over. Hopefully one of our friends will get to have some fun with it, but neither of us have an Xbox One or Halo 5, so it doesn't do us any good. I would have much preferred something for SWTOR, but ah well.

Check out my gallery of pictures:

Overall, I loved this crate. The Star Wars stuff alone got me extremely excited, and the inside of the crate was really cool looking. This crate was solid and a fun way to end the year. A solid 9/10. This is one of the best crates I've ever seen, yet there could still be a little room for improvement.

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