Valence Sabers: Power of All the Lightsabers in One

As we all know now, the 2015 holiday season is was taken over by Star Wars The Force Awaken. There are all sorts of toys, clothes, and an infinite amount of novelty items. The more die hard fans of the series go for the more expensive toys this season: lightsabers. I myself have a total of 6 lightsabers in my collection, 3 with sound and 3 without, that I’ve been growing over the past 8 or so years. It is an expensive hobby, especially if you want a lightsaber with a multitude of features. Well I have some good news for all of you. Nerdbot has been informed of a brand new company that makes one the most elegant weapons for a more civilized age. I’m talking about Valence Sabers!

Valence sabers has some of the most innovative features a lightsaber enthusiast could want in a single saber. First off it comes with its own phone app(android only for now) to control the majority of the features. It uses Bluetooth technology to control the color and sound of the lightsaber. Currently it is able to change to 31 different colors and a wide array of different sounds, which you could customize, for all of your sound fx such as saber clash, hum, ignite, and shut downs.

Another feature is that there are no buttons. The Valence Saber will be motion activated. With the flick of the wrist the Valence Saber will turn on and ready to duel. To turn it off you basically have to stop playing with it and the motion sensor will detect that it is not being used and automatically turn off. Now you might be thinking, “But won’t that drain the battery faster?” The Valence Saber does not run on regular AA batteries. Not even special AA batteries. The Valence Saber features proprietary removable battery that could be charged in hilt or removed. It uses a USB-C cable which you could connect to any USB port to charge.

A brand new feature that was announced just a few days ago is a cosmetic update to the saber. Valence sabers is debuting yet another innovative idea called the VS Echelon. It is a sheath that goes over the base handle of the saber itself. This sheath system will be an expanding library that will continue to grow and offer more and more different styles of sheaths. This means you don’t have to buy 10 different styles of lightsabers (collecting can get very expensive), you can just have the one Valence Saber and buy multiple sheaths for any type of character you want. This makes a Valence Saber even more customizable!

To find out more about what Valence Sabers has to offer please check out their website at

Valence Sabers will definitely be a game changer to the lightsaber market. It does what most lightsaber companies can’t provide at such an affordable price! It has the biggest bang for your dollar. Check out their indiegogo page and support Valence Sabers. I foresee a great awakening in the lightsaber community and it is Valence Sabers.

Here is our phone interview with Cody Freelan, creator of the Valence Saber.

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