Stop ignoring Rise of the Tomb Raider and buy it now!

Did you sleep on Rise of Tomb Raider? Did you fall into the “I’ll buy Fallout 4 and COD first then Ill get Tomb Raider later”. I know I did. I knew I was going to buy it. I knew I loved Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. I knew Crystal Dynamics was going to succeed Definitive Edition, but not like this.

Good lord the story is great, but even when I’m going along with the story, the best part are all the random side tombs to raid. It really feels like an old tomb raider game. So far I’ve been in about 7 tombs and it feels like they are endless in every new part of the map I reach. I enjoy solving a new tomb way more than anything else in this game and that’s not to put down the story or killing random bears and mountain lions or deer or doing side missions for people that need help. It seems every resource in the game means something to your skill development where breaking down a tree or using animal parts after you slayed them to eventually crafting a weapon. While listening to a side mission to do, I couldn’t stop laughing while holding a random chicken in my hand in this video and knowing I was going to through it in river lol.

I’m serious! Eeverything you do in the game is meaningful. Some parts of this game seem almost open world like. You can explore a bit more than I thought you ever could in Tomb Raider. There are many ways to use stealth like kills from sneaking up behind an enemy or dropping from up top in a batman like finish. I can choke you out or stab you in the neck. They are so satisfying lol. The graphics and stunning visuals and details really add to each new cave and tomb you explore. They are flat out stunning. I am extremely excited for Tomb Raiders future. I am about 20 percent done and have put in already 15 hours or more.

While at work I try to figure out how to solve my current tomb raider puzzle in achieving my next award for Lara Croft’s development. There is even more to this game I have yet to share and explore yet but I had to share my thoughts on this game immediately.

If you have not bought this game yet, you are truly missing out.

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