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I recently had the pleasure of going to the first ever Cos-Losseum Convention which was the first Convention of 2016 for many! You might be asking yourself, what is Cos-Losseum? Well I'll tell you! Cos-Losseum is a new Cosplay Convention having its first ever debut in beautiful San Diego! It was held at the Crown Plaza hotel on January 23-24, 2016. I went with the Nerdbot team. We had the pleasure of interviewing some very talented Cosplayers!

This convention was small enough to meet some new friends, take some great pictures, and have a great time. I was not overly packed to where you’re squeezing between people trying to look at the vendors... And we've all been there! It was a great place to really get to know the nerd community and fellow Cosplayers!

Cos-Losseum had a cosplay panel with some great Cosplay favorites such as Loki Hates You and Thor Tv and Bernie Bregman. There was also the Star Wars Steam Punk panel! Following that, something you can never pass up is the Cosplay Contest! First place winner was awarded to the very talented and beautiful BellaNephilim

Dan Posey, owner of Cos-Losseum says he'll be throwing another one next year! So, in case you missed this one, you can attend next year's Cos-Losseum and who doesn't like more cons? I say, yes please! More cons the merrier!

Here are our Nerdbot interviews from that Saturday. Enjoy!

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