Amazing Anime Los Angeles Cosplay Video!

The short and nasty truth is we can’t all afford to go to every Cosplay related convention in the United States. Unless you’re Tony Stark.

If you are Tony Stark, please email me at!

With so many conventions, big and small happening all around us we need a few eyes and ears to give us a virtual perspective. We need a friend at ground zero kicking ass and taking names!

Who do we rely on? Who will save us from the loneliness and depression of Con withdrawals (yes that’s a thing)

Drum roll please………….…KILLERS AND COMPANY!

Here’s another amazing video shot at Anime Los Angeles this past weekend in Ontario, California by the Killers and Company crew.

Make sure and show them some love and follow them on their social media accounts. Links are below the video. Enjoy the art of Cosplay!

Check them out on:



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