Space Balls 2: The Search for More Money is a go, but there's some problems

So we all know that Space Balls 2: The Search for More Money is a go. It has just been released that a whole bunch of the original cast are going to return. John Candy is not coming back from the dead of course. Dick Van Patten who played King Roland in the film will also not be returning unfortunately. He pasted away in June of last year. Also we will not be seeing or rather hearing the voice of great Joan Rivers who was the voice of Dot matrix. She was the female version of C3PO in the film.

There is even some trouble with the actors who are alive. Rick Moranis, Lord Dark Helmet, is in a pseudo-retirement . He explained in an interview back in October that he took short a break from acting after his wife died that turned into a long break which turned into a really long break. Now he does some voice over acting here and there but he is picky and has the option to be. So it’s going to be hard to convince him to do the film.

The original was filmed way back in 1987 and is a spoof based on the great Star wars film. This film, however is more based on the merchandising that went on with the success of the first film. There is no actual set date for the beginning of filming all we know is that it will begin some time this year. May the Shawrtz be with you!

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