Why I stopped Playing Destiny - Too Many Hoes

Bungie recently sent out an email to all fellow guardians asking "How would you rate your most recent experience in Destiny?" Bungie really wants to know if you're still interested in Destiny at this point and how they can improve.

Well my answer would be like Kanye West’s answer “How he stay faithful in a room full of hoes”?

The hoes in this case, being every other good game like Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 5, Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, COD Black Ops 3, Rainbow 6 Siege, Ori and the Blind Forest, Life is Strange, Halo 5, Rare Replay Collection, Rise Of Tomb Raider. Rocket League, etc. And like Outkast says “ha ha ha we love these hoes.” So you can imagine Bungie is very curious as to how they can bring other gamers back into Destiny.

I've put over 700 hours into Destiny because frankly, it came out when there really wasn’t much to play on Xbox One and the time I put into it was just an amazing time. I met a lot of other guardians through Destinylfg.com and I still see them playing religiously on it. From time to time I will join their chat to say hello and ask them what they are up too. I got friends I speak to in Louisiana and Seattle and even local players 10 minutes away from where I live. I tell them, someday I will be back on, but these other games need their time with me too.

I am a gamer, it’s what I do. Oh and I am a adult (well according to my age), I can afford to pay for other games. But being an adult in a relationship and being a father is really hard. Finding the time to play all these games and keeping up on the shows we watch (which is some of the best bonding time I have with my gf) is very difficult.

So tell me why I should go back to Destiny? Unless there's a new expansion coming out, as rumor has it, might be this year. It looks like there won't be a Destiny 2.

Now of course, Destiny 2 is a day 1 purchase for me, but these other “hoes” in the mean time will have to make due lol. They serve a purpose. Destiny is still my alpha ex but she needs to win me over again. I know she will, but not right now.

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