My first adventure to Anime Los Angeles - ALA 2016 Review

February 9, 2016

Where to start. First I have to thank the Nerdbot crew for giving me the opportunity to join them for this con and getting to go to my very first Con of the year and my very first ALA. As for how the con went it was a blast getting to see everything that was there and experience this small but growing convention. It is amazing to see how many people love to come together and hang out.

As for the con itself I am a bit confused as to why they call it Anime Los Angeles when it was held in Ontario Ca, but I am only guessing that the venue was a better choice for them and probably cheaper to rent than the location in L.A.  As for the size of the con I enjoyed the smaller layout but at the same time I think they could have done a bit better on how they were letting the guest enter and exiting the building. You had 2 main areas to get in with 2 double doors, but instead of manning a person on each side to direct the traffic, they only had one person (Maybe due to lack of volunteers) it made it a bit hard at times to get through the traffic of people when there are at least a 100 people who are looking to exit the building when you are coming in. At one time some of the guest were using the second door only to have a young girl manning the door rudely yell at them that they cannot use that door and have to use the one only only door that was held open. I felt that instead of just yelling she could have handled it a  bit better, but that was my only major complaint.

Here's my picture gallery from ALA 2016

 The dealers room was nice open and evenly spaced with plenty of room to navigate, but I was just a little bit annoyed that there wasn't one vendor who sold a Master Roshi collectable, I do cosplay him and I would think that as big as DBZ is right now that someone would at least carry one version of him for me to purchase, but I digress. The amount of vendors was nice and I likes that it was very easy to take your time to look at each one without the hustle and bustle of the larger cons or have people just constantly run into you because they aren't paying attention.  Artist alley was also a nice area to look around at and enjoy looking at all of the upcoming talented artist that are breaking into the industry.

Now to get on to the name of this convention, Anime Los Angeles. I would have imagined years ago the main focus of the con was anime but for my first time there I would say it really is centered around Cosplay, the amount of guest cosplaying as there favorite characters was amazing, I would say more the three quarters of the guest were cosplaying(Myself included) so why not just name it Cosplay Los Angeles?
I also enjoyed getting to Hang out with Frankie, Carlos, and Elicia from the Nerdbot family. It was fun getting to talk to them and get there take on the con and some of the cosplayers that were there. I only wish I hung out with them a bit longer but I was on a mission to get as many photos of the cosplayers and meet up with the ones I have gotten to meet over the last year and all of the cons from before.
Over all I enjoyed my first ALA and am looking to getting to go to the next one and meet even more of the great people who put these event on.

Matt AKA Dat_Roshi_Cosplay.  

 Frankie getting blocked by Baneintherain

Rocking the Nerdbot Media shirt








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