WTF BBC! No Doctor Who for 11 months ?!

Frankie isn’t the only one with some rage over here at Nerdbot. I seriously have a bone to pick with the BBC! I usually stand up for their choices and how they decide to change things up but seriously they are screwing all of us Americans out of the joys of binge watching Doctor Who at a time when there won’t be any more for an WHOLE ELEVEN MONTHS! WTF?!?!?

First the announcement came that they were taking the show off of Netflix as of February 1st. I was kind of upset but I figure, I still have Hulu so I’ll be fine. But this morning I received information that my beloved show was also going off of Hulu as February 1st, which apparently is . . . like now? How could I have missed an entire weekend to sit around and watch Donna turn into the Doctor Donna or watch Martha save the entire planet or see mannequins come to life or get reminded that bow ties are cool or see how all the doctors can come together to right the biggest mistake they ever made? HHHOOOOWWW? But then the article said it would still be streaming on Amazon Video, Google Play and iTunes. What a relief.

But I was lied to. I had to make sure there was still a place to turn to where I could sit with my wine and ice cream and to laugh at Capaldi and say, “Run you clever boy.” But there isn’t. Not to stream at least. Amazon Video and Google Play only have Season 9 in full for purchase. They have the 50th Anniversary special of course, and each have different collections created either by the entity or by BBC itself. What kind of BS is that? The only place you can purchase the entire series is on iTunes. And yes that was not a typo, I did say purchase. It can be yours for the low, low price of $34.99. What a steal (corny car salesman voice.) Oh and I did not mean the whole series together, that’s the price of each season and some come in 2 parts I might add. Granted some are less but still that’s just dumb, they were all streaming less than a week ago.

It seems like the UK hates us Americans right now. It’s like we are treated like that unwanted gift from their mother in law. You know, the one you act like you want but in reality you just throw in the back of a closet never think about it again as soon as she is out of sight. We Whovians deserve better I tell you! As of right now on we can only stream Seasons 7-9, but those only have 28 more days left on the site! So we get one Matt Smith and two Peter Capaldi’s. No David Tenenat at all? It’ just insulting is what it is.

The BBC is “supposedly” creating their own American version of the BBC iPlayer. This is a streaming video service similar to Netflix that only streams with an IP address specifically in the UK and only streams BBC networks shows. There has been a lot of talk about this type of service coming out this year even amidst the backlash from many cable networks about it. I’m not holding my breath. All I want is my show back.

Maybe if I find a T.A.R.D.I.S. I can go back in time to the meetings at BBC when the iPlayer was being designed and persuade. . . more like force them to create a version for those of us across the pond. We ‘Mericans need love too.

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