Nerd Rage: Cosplayed Out

As many of you know it is con season. From January to November there are cons held all over the country. San Diego Comic Con and New York City Comic Con are two of the largest in the country with other shows coming close to match them in their epicness. So what can possibly piss me off at a con. Trick question, a lot of fucking things. On this Nerd Rage I’ll be voicing my opinion on something I like to call "Cosplayed Out". Buckle up buckaroos!!!! Being played out means that something has been overused to the point of utter annoyance so says the dictionary of Obe. Something that is "Cosplayed Out" is a cosplay that is seen at every con worn by 20 people or more at a con. I am not shaming people who happen to dress like Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, or SpiderGwen just to name a few. These characters aren’t bad, wait who em I kidding? Yes they are. Spider-Man is the most original one of the three, but since Spiderverse he's made me wish I had a can of Raid at a con. Deadpool was unique and fun at the start, but now it is just a fucking swarm of red shitting talking and boob loving dumb dumb poop faces. SpiderGwen and Harley Quinn are female characters who started strong and now have become nothing but a fad. As a cosplayer you have a choice to become whoever you want to be. Yet so many people decide to be one of those 4 characters or the current cosplay fad of the time. It makes my blood boil to see so many of one thing gathered at one place at the same time. Occasionally I do see a variant of the cosplay and that makes me happy which is very rare. I have dressed as both Deadpool and Spider-Man before, but with my own twist. I have friends who dress as Harley and Wade, but have their own rules to what they wear. They either mash up a classic Harley with a theme or give Deadpool a new twist to his costume not seen in the comics. So what pisses me off about things being "Cosplayed Out" is hearing people get mad at me for voicing my opinion. I hate not being able to say that a cosplay is over used without getting fucking backlash. I didn’t say anything bad about the individual. It's just that the numbers don’t lie. At Comikaze last year we counted over 70 Harley Quinns on Saturday (a lot of crazy clowns) and at Dragon Con there was 200 plus douchey Deadpools. So in turn I can say there is a shit ton of those cosplays around. The growing number of arachnid people is getting dangerously annoying. It is fun being a Spider-Man, but damn it I hate spiders. SpiderGwen is a whole different unoriginal story for another rage. Long story short is I am not bashing anyone who wants to be a red and black tard, I hate the character not you. If I say something is cosplayed out it is because I am tired of seeing 20 plus Deadheads at one goddamn time. I don’t talk shit about the person just the character. I know cosplay is hard work and with anything that takes time, and effort it is rewarding. So why waste your time to blend in with the crowd, but standout and rock out with your cock out. Don’t be a sheep. You gotta be original and your twist to a played out cosplay so that you can breathe life into a stale character. There are millions of characters to be, so be whatever you want just not only Dead-Man Harley Gwen.

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