Deadpool - A true review from a comic nerd

Comic book films always hit a wall or barrier. That'S not the case for the Deadpool movie. It was given free reign over what it could show. The movie starts off with a bang and several dead bodies in its wake. The movie starts and doesn’t stop until the final logos roll pass the screen. Deadpool is a good movie with some minor bumps in the road. Here is my review of the movie.

In case you haven't seen it. SPOILER ALERT

The story itself is a mixed origin story with flashbacks and forth with the present. For me the parts with Deadpool were more exciting than the Wade Wilson parts. The origin story bogged down the story and slowed the pace of the movie. Once the movie switches to DP the action starts back up and the jokes don’t end. The story itself is not important. It’s basically a man fucks and falls in love with woman story (yes there is pegging).

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool is a good choice for the role. He hits his comedic beats, but of course not every joke hits. Wilson isn’t the only character worth his while in this film. Wesal, Blind Al, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ajax, and Angel Dust also take the cake. The Deadpool comics aren't strong when it's just the main character by himself. His supporting characters make the comics and in turn made the movie good. The dialogue between DP and others around him added to the humor and atmosphere of the movie. The villains were fun and his motive for killing Ajax/Francis and Angel Dust were believable. Vanessa was the least likable character of the movie and a needless addition to the cast. In the comics Deadpool doesn’t love he just has sex with everything, whenever he wants. His true boo is Death, but because of Thanos reasons we probably won’t see that.

Here is the bad in the movie and it is actually very little. The jokes got childish and ran dry for some of the movie. The love story in the film was one thing we didn’t need, but it did teach the kids in the theater what is pegging (if you don’t know just look it up). Also, Deadpool’s after experimentation look was still pretty for a face that is known to make people puke with just one look. His origins were modified and certain key points disappeared. There was no explanation why he was driven insane and why he hears voices. Other minor changes were ok and different spins on the origin. FYI chimichangas were only mentioned once and no Bea Arthur.

Deadpool is a must see movie from a not so popular medium called comics. Comic fans were given a good superhero movie. Tim Miller and writers made a film that was basically well done fan fiction. They even added a Bod cameo in the film which was funny and true to the characters. Go see this movie for the laughs and read the comics afterwards for the full story. Don’t just be a bandwagon fan emerge yourself in the experience that is Deadpool.

I’m giving this movie 8 bullets to the head out of 10 because even the best miss. Here’s hoping that Deadpool and Cable team up in the next film.

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