Why I Loved The Division Beta

The Division was a highly anticipated game that was shrouded in secrecy until recently. The recent beta revealed gameplay to the public, and it was astounding. Personally, I was skeptical about the game. One of the biggest disappointment in recent years was Destiny. This caused concern over the Division because there are similarities to drawn between the two games. However, it seems that Division has remedied many of the problems that Destiny had. Ubisoft has had a history of not delivering on its most revered games. However, it is looking like the game will live up to the hype, at least so far. The Division succeeds in both tone and gameplay. In an effort to meld together multiple genres, many games infuse online components to create new experiences. However, The Division really nails the online presence. At one point, I was investigating quest areas with a couple of other players. However, the tension amplified when I entered a Dark Zone. Dark Zones are the games contested zones. Down there, anything can happen. You may find a buddy to kill some NPCs with. However, it is more likely that you will get murdered by a band of roaming rogue players. That level of mystery is a testament to the diversity of gameplay found in The Division. While the hype is high, we will have to see if the game delivers next month.

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