Why an rated "R" Deadpool needed to happen

For you convention goers, if we can all think back and remember a few conventions, I ask that you think about all the cosplayers you’ve seen and may have taken a picture with. Now of all the characters, you may have seen a good portion of them were of Deadpool, who more than likely was either posing with little kids, doing peace signs in the air or screaming out “I love chimichangas!!!” (How cute). Now let us flash forward to present day. The recent release of the Deadpool movie, which has brought small tears to older fans that witnessed a more familiar side of Deadpool. This was the DP (Deadpool) of old, not the one that has been shown in most comic titles that has featured him in the last year or two. Please keep in mind that I can’t blame Marvel for taming down Deadpool in some books. Kids love and buy his book so they have to adhere to the masses. But the movie was not the kiddie DP. What we saw was a foul mouth, chimichanga obsessed, one line throwing, sexual deviant talking psychotic mercenary whose actions would never have landed him a spot on the X Men let alone the Avengers.

Because of this we’ve heard the ongoing outcry and harsh words of parents directed at movie studios and actors on how they could perform such an injustice to their fans by making DP an R rated film. How can they justify adding vulgarity and blood to "sell" more tickets for their movie? Well Mom and Dad, I’m sad to inform you that this is how this character was originally written and this is how he should always be. This is what the comic community needed DP to be in all his vulgarity, sexual innuendos and one liner glory, because it shows that we have a voice on what sells and what doesn't sell on some of our most beloved characters. Don’t believe me well here is the reason why:

Deadpool was first pitched to the movie studios by test footage shot in 2012 and it was dismissed as too violent and non-profitable because of its inability to patent it towards the family like all other comic movies

Action: In 2014 that test footage was released and it was a no holds barred 2 minute that took to internet like free tacos on a Tuesday. Within hours the footage had millions of views and shared across all social media platforms. That caused studios to take notice and quickly revive the proposal as well as a marketing campaign that uses the same social media platforms to promote the film to a 300 million worldwide box office opening.

Due to such a huge success the movie studios have become more open to the R rating on comic book characters, to bring more originality to the screen without compromising for family values. Since then the internet has been on fire with talks of an R rated Wolverine movie, the return of a more blood soaked Predator movie in 2017, and a reboot of a horror saturated Spawn. With more successes coming we can start to hope more for other characters to follow suit and bring the punch they deserve.

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