Bricks LA 2016 Convention Review

Described as "The Premier Brick Convention in Southern California", Bricks L.A. completes it's mission to bring the exciting, interesting, and colorful world of LEGO to our L.A. scene just a few minutes north of Downtown in beautiful Pasadena CA. This would be my first ever LEGO based Convention and it didn't disappoint.

As you ascend to the ground level of the Pasedena convention Center, you are immediately immersed in table after table of incredible Los Angeles based building talent. Not only did I find intriguing builds, but was able to find a build that shared my appreciate for my favorite animated show Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Immediately catching my attention to my right was a art museum display showcasing the work of designers giving their best pixilated interpretations in mosaic tile form. The most impressive of them all being a Back To The Future MOC that literally sticks out at you! Well done!

Rounding out the other side of this first display area was a 12 foot tall ball machine completely automated on working LEGO Power Functions to create a truly mesmerizing kinetic machine!

You can see it in action in the Bricks L.A. Nerdbot Video right below!

As I delved deeper into the con, it also seemed apparent the level of design was picking up steam as I passed some rather unique presentations I had yet to see in Lego such as Optical Illusions which I'm sure will be an up and coming fan theme, A 12" Tall Jack Skellington, and as a rather impressive Mewtwo build from the Pokemon Video Game series.

Moving now into the VIB (Very Important Builders) area is the main reason why any builder should go out to a convention, it is filled with tons of imagination and inspiration! One builder who stood out almost instantly was Stephen PakBaz, who is not only a fantastic builder but is also a Mechanical Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory! He has personally worked on the Mars Curiosity Rover and flexes his Engineering Brain on some insanely impressive and intricate geared designs seen a Steampunk Blimp, which was my favorite!

There seemed to be a lot of space themes and all ranging from classic LEGO Themes up to modern and even MOC's based on ships from movies! Nick Lies did some incredible work on a Grey Colored Airship. These Builds are irrefutable indicators that LEGO have endless possibilities!

Rounding out the end of the VIB section stands a massive gray behemoth the size of a dining room table for 4 but build with over 100,000 pieces in what is to date the most impressive dedication to Star Wars I have seen so far in this part of the Galaxy. Mark Boralse is the master mind behind this behemoth which is partly centered around a UCS Millennium Falcon Bay and also details various scenes and sections aboard the infamous Deathstar! A build like this can easily be appreciated by anyone and Mark’s work is definitely the most appreciated piece and continues to be added on to as he takes his work from show to show. I am excited to not only see what he creates, but what other builders create in my future visits to these inspiring and motivating scenes! Keep on Building!

For more information about Anthony and his Lego builds please vist and like his page on Facebook by clicking on this link.

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