Awesome Doom Deal! Pre-order Now

Dope Doom Deal!

Hey friends! What if I told you if we pre-order Doom , we will get Doom and Doom 2 for free? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well,now we will. That’s an awesome deal for any Doom fans out there. In fact, this new Doom game looks promising. It's rumored to have a 13 hour campaign which is great for a first person shooter. The multiplayer is starting to look great as well. Originally I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy, but I just may have too now.

Also, by pre-ordering, gamers receive The Demon Multiplayer Pack, which contains a pretty cool Demon-themed armor set that include 3 skin variations, 6 metallic paint colors, 6 Hack Modules, and 3 different identification patterns for use on weapons and armor.

Redeemable codes for Doom and Doom 2 will come after 7-10 days after Doom releases. Check out today’s new multiplayer mode called Warpath which is similar to a King of the Hill mode at

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