Daniel Bryan, The Greatest Babyface in Wrestling History

Sit back and let me tell you why Daniel Bryan is the greatest babyface (good guy) in WWE of all time. And this is on and off camera. I’ll put Daniel Bryan up against the biggest faces.

Vs. Hulk Hogan: Hogan was the poster boy for pro wrestling in the 1980s. A beloved figure that captured the hearts of millions. But let’s keep it real…Hogan was devious. He did back and eye rakes, forehead bites. Not to mention…he tried putting the moves on his friend Randy Savage’s girl…go back and watch that whole story over as an adult and you’ll understand why Macho Man…he’s a scumbag

Vs. The Ultimate Warrior: Warrior was not that great of a person backstage, reportedly holding up the owner of WWE Vince McMahon for more money before wrestlemania 7. Those tactics are not becoming of someone that should be a role model.

Vs. Bret Hart: The Hitman was an all-around good guy, but Bret Hart was marketed as the face. He was booked as a face, marketed as a face and did promos as face, came to the ring a face, wrestled as a face. WWE kinda shoved Bret on us. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT since the IWC wasn’t there to tell others that Vince was pushing Bret on us. Was Bret loved authentically? That is Arguable

Vs. Shawn Michaels: The Heartbreak Kid once posed for Playgirl, and could never be trusted as a special guest referee being that he has super kicked someone in ever match where he was the ref. You can’t trust Shawn

Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Now Stone Cold was the most popular wrestler in the 90s. Starting out as a heel (Bad guy), who was SO entertaining that people that started to like him. He was beating up on his boss on a weekly basis, which had a lot of people relating to Austin. BUT a lot Austin’s tactics were devilish.

Vs. The Rock: The Rock transcended Pro Wrestling pulling in many viewers that just wanted to watch him. One of the biggest faces of all time. Loved by everyone, everyone would “sing along” with The Rock as he said his catchphrases. But he was not nice to interviewers or his Tag Team partner…Mankind…which brings me to the next guy

Vs. Mankind (Mick Foley): Now this was tough, when Mankind turned has faced the people loved him, and they got behind him. But he didn’t hold the crowd in the palm of his hand. And move the crowd with one word

Vs. John Cena: It goes without saying that John Cena is the most polarizing figure in wrestling. Even though Cena has granted the most wishes through make a wish, when he gets injured he tries to come back as soon as possible, he gets movie offers but keeps them at a minimum because (unlikely The Rock) loves wrestling and actual shows that he does…there are people that still boo him out of the building. Meanwhile women and child love him, most men hate Cena’s guts

Vs. CM Punk: Like Austin, Punk was a dark hero. People loved his in your face and anti-authority attitude. But much like Cena he was a polarizing figure, someone that was very popular with men and some women, kids didn’t care for him much.

Now to Daniel Bryan, during Daniel Bryan’s last run in WWE before his untimely retirement, people loved him. He controlled the fans with one word “YES!” Which started when he was a heel, to the people that he started chanting “No!” (because he said the crowd was mocking him and then the crowded started chant NO as well) The Yes chant transcended wrestling. WWE wasn’t exactly behind him. People would hijack shows and chant for Daniel Bryan during segments to the point that whoever was talking had to wait for the crowd to be quiet. Men, women, and children loved Daniel Bryan. Bryan is class act off camera as well doing a lot of charity work. Most notable Connor the Crusher *fights tears* He was a clean wrestler and gave the crowd something to believe in. Daniel Bryan…greatest babyface of all time

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