Pokemon Moon and Sun Announced

The next generation of Pokemon games were announced this week in the wake of the series 20th anniversary. During the latest Nintendo Direct on February 26th. It was made clear that we will get 2 new versions of the beloved series this holiday season. This coincides with the rumors and leaks that we saw this week. I myself was expecting it to be called Pokemon Rainbow, but the logos for the new games were released on Thursday through a twitter account. Many fans were awaiting the announcement of Pokemon Z to finish Gen 6 and the trilogy that most games in the franchise have. This is the second time that there was not a third game to the series. Gen 5 had Pokemon Black and White 2 and we had Gen 3 remakes in 6. I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest edition of Pokemon this holiday season. It will launch worldwide for the second time in the franchise’s history on the same day.The first 20 years of Pocket Monsters were fun and here’s hoping the next 20 are great. Gotta catch em all!!!

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