New Update:Buy 360 Games On Xbox One

Phil Spencer, the man the myth the legend, or just Xbox’s official spokesman, whatever you’d like to call him has announced today that you will be able to buy Xbox 360 games on Xbox One digitally. He also hinted that later on in the future Xbox One will allow itself to have upgraded hardware, similar to what you can do on your pc. How this changes the game is yet to be seen. Some people think if you can upgrade your Xbox One, will this be the last Xbox console? Probably not as the video game industry makes a ton of dough selling new consoles.

PlayStation is already working on a PS5 and the new Nintendo NX console will be out later this year. But then again, wouldn’t there be hardware upgrades if there would not be a future Xbox Console later on? Yes I can see Xbox selling upgraded Xbox Ones like they did with Xbox 360 Elite. Xbox is all about home integration and innovation with Windows 10. One can see how PC and Xbox are starting to form like Voltron later down the road in Microsoft’s future. Needless to say if you are an Xbox customer already, doesn’t this feel great?

Also today, Xbox’s Major Nelson went into detail ( ) regarding a new update for Xbox one will now up the party chat to 16 people and party chat can now later on be broadcasted over Twitch.

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