Street Fighter 5 Review - Light On Content

For decades, Street Fighter has been the most revered fighting game series. Its raw mechanics and gameplay has kept it in the number one position for quite some time. Does Street Fighter 5 continue that trend, or is this where the train loses steam? Street Fighter 5 suffers from the same problems that many modern games do. It is mechanically exceptional. The fighting is fun and balanced. The music and overall presentation is handled well. However, Street Fighter 5 is extremely light on content. For a full-price game, this game is more resemblant of a free-to-play title. The game launched with 16 characters and a handful of stages. The more problematic issue is that overall modes and ways to interact with the game are lackluster. Capcom promises various free updates in the coming months. However, until that happens, there is no real story mode. All additional content (characters, costumes, and stages) will be accessible through the game’s currency. However, at the time of this review, the store is still not available. Additionally, since launch, the game’s servers have been so unreliable that often hours of gameplay could not produce any of the game’s currency. Some of the additions to the game are positive but weighed down by poor design or inconsistent server status. For instance, the V-Skill and V-Trigger are new mechanics to the game that vastly increase the variability in characters. Personally, I found them to be my favorite contributions to the game. However, the lack of any real tutorial or explanation make it very difficult for the player to learn about the intricacies of the two systems. It should be mentioned that through third-party avenues online, there is ample information on these systems. However, I shouldn’t be required to search online through other sites to understand what was right in front of me in the game. To conclude, when Street Fighter 5 is working, it works well. However, at any given moment, there are countless barriers permitting the player from access the game’s enjoyment. A few months from now, the game could be a very different story. For now, it is a mediocre shell of what it could be.

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