Ghost-Busted? More thumbs down than up!

The highly anticipated trailer for the latest revamping of a nostalgic classic is finally here and is not being received well across the inter-web! From the information available in this preview, it appears there is a new team of supernatural investigators in the brick and mortar headquarters following what might be the latest cookie cutter solution for all reboots: Hitting the same story notes as the original with a new cast. On top of feeling like a formulaically extruded trailer, it was a bit disappointing to see gags or motifs that worked so well in the first movie, but fall completely flat upon their delivery.

Upon its March 3rd Release date, the Sony Pictures Youtube Video is sporting a rare feat among the Youtube Community, Having thousands of “Dislikes” More than “Likes” for what was considered to be a highly anticipated moment in movie history just 1 year ago when filming was underway.

Naturally, the discontent of the already “Reboot-Overloaded” fans, has been spreading around social media sites like wildfire. Unequivocally, I am forced to agree with the most common word I have been finding to describe Paul Feig’s latest work: Mediocre

Let’s hope for Egon’s sake, we are wrong!

Ghostbusters is slated for July 15th, 2016, unless the fans get to them first! Check out the trailer below:

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