5 Female Characters Every Marvel Fan Must Know

Marvel kicks off spring by celebrating “Women of Power” in their gaming line. As of March 3rd, 2016, mobile, console, and PC Marvel titles are schedule to receive updates to include their famed female characters in the roster. Game titles include Lego Marvel Avengers, Avengers Academy, Heroes 2016, and Puzzle Quest. The full list of games and line up can be seen here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/marvel-celebrating-leading-ladies-with-new-women-o/1100-6435273/

Not only does the event celebrate many underrated characters, but it also appreciates qualities underrepresented in media beyond gender and ethnicity. Here are Top 5 Female Marvel characters being included in the rosters, starting with number 5: 5. Poundcakes

Although not a hero, Marian Pouncy represents a smaller group of female wrestlers. The very tall and very muscular supervillain is granted super human strength in addition to her abilities in street fighting and wrestling. With the ability to lift over 25 tons, Poundcakes is recruited by the villainous Roxxon Oil to take names and kick ass.

Her addition to Lego Marvel’s Avengers may be more comedic than representative, but it’s great to see badass villains against badass heroes. 4. Silk

The SpiderVerse has had a great expansion of spidey-heroes including Cindy Moon. Her story touches upon her ethnic identity as Korean-American, and addresses the cultural stereotypes with Cindy challenging the boyfriend-less, academic genius ideals of her mother. With the desire to find her parents fueling her, Silk surpasses Peter Parker’s ability to spin webs. She shares the spider physiology of her other SpiderVerse counterparts but has an exceptional “Silk-Sense” that puts the “Spidey-Sense” to shame. Unlike most iterations of Peter Parker, Silk has the ability to organically produce spider webs in her forearms, making her a great addition to Spider-Man Unlimited. 3. She-Hulk

Jen Walters is not only as beautiful as she is strong, she is also a very successful woman. More women are becoming business leaders in our world, leaving the stay-at-home stereotype… at home. She found the power to control her abilities and retain her original personality in despite of her alter ego. But her true power comes from her confidence as both Jen Walters and She-Hulk. She-Hulk differs from other physically strong female characters like Gamora and Angela in that she is very human. More people can identify with her ambitions and mostly normal life of work and dating. Her beauty and intellect are radiating but don’t forget that she has an impressive portfolio of kicking ass, making her a well needed addition to Contest of Champions. 2. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is a US Airforce Veteran that has also seen success at NASA. Eventually she became an author, celebrity, and editor for the Daily Bugle. Her jump from esteemed career to esteemed career was cut short when she joined the Avengers. Even then, she made the jump to several different super hero groups with successful mission completion adopting the title of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has become a more popular idol for women empowerment, especially after her redesign. Captain Marvel’s abilities with super human strength, speed, and stamina, as well as her awesome hair style, has made her increasingly popular and she already has appearances in a few of the video games. She will have a new appearance in Lego Marvel’s Avengers but we can definitely expect to see more of her elsewhere. 1. Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American girl from New Jersey, becomes Ms. Marvel under the Marvel Now! brand. Many second generation American will find Kamala relatable as she struggles with her strict parents, juggling culture and religion with her super hero identity, her exposure to underrepresented American beauty standards, and BOYS.

Ms. Marvel’s abilities include changing her physiology so she can stretch or “embiggen” herself which plays on her perceived notion of beauty—that is blonde, blue eyed, and tall equals beautiful. She is, after all, a teenage girl exposed to good ol’ American media.

Those unfamiliar will be pleased to hear that despite her teenage tendencies, Ms. Marvel is not one to shy away from battle. She has the ability to both figuratively and literally carry Wolverine, which makes her an excellent addition to the Contest of Champions roster. Ms. Marvel reigns at number one because she fights bad guys, juggles with her identities, and is a total nerd. And we love nerds. Which female marvel character are you looking forward to see in these game? What are other female characters not covered in the list that you’d like to see? Let us know in the comment section below!

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