From Z to Super: What we can expect in DRAGON BALL SUPER

In August of 2014, Dragon Ball Z fans got to see their favorite characters come to the silver screen. But did you know this movie was just the beginning for a whole new series known as Dragon Ball Super? And it has already been confirmed to air on Toonami in mid-2016.

Here’s what we know so far:

The series will start off recapping the movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F) explaining further into detail Goku’s new ability to turn into a Super Saiyan God as seen at the end of Battle of Gods. This new ability was either born as a result from Goku learning from experience, as mentioned by the antagonist Beerus the Destroyer, or a direct reflection of Goku’s own words to his son, “The power comes from a need not a desire.”

The new Dragon Ball series has already aired in Japan and is up to episode 33 and fans are criticizing the animation style, saying it feels rushed. Now don’t let this discourage you from watching the show. Creator and artist, Akira Toriyama, has stated he wanted to get through the movie arcs to answer questions fans may have regarding Goku’s new God abilities.

What can we expect?

1. An explanation on how Goku received his God abilities Goku hinted to his other enemy that he “learned to harness the power on [his] own.” Though this hardly explains anything for fans, we believe questions will be answered along with fixed animation problems in new arcs of the series.

2. Universe 6 World Tournament Going off internet speculation, many expect to see the Universe 6 World Tournament, which features the battle between Beerus’s fighters and his Universe 6 counterpart, Champa, and their fighters.

3. More Monaka, Beerus’ strongest opponent In Battle of Gods, Beerus said Goku was the second strongest fighter he has ever fought, introducing Moneka as the strongest of Beerus’s opponents. We can expect that he will be a new addition to Beerus’s team of fighters to also include Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo.

4. Champa’s team Champa’s team was officially revealed, consisting of Hit, Kabe, Frost, Botamo and Magetta in the Japanese version. So, we can expect some changes in translation upon the English release. As some of you may remember Beerus’s name was originally Bills in the Japanese release. What we do know about Kabe and Frost is Kabe is a different kind of Saiyan that what we’ve seen, and Frost is part of the Frieza race and rules over the Saiyans. Both seem to be fighting for the good guys, yet their intentions are still in the dark.

5. Super Dragon Balls It was revealed that the Dragon Balls we’re all familiar with spun off planet sized Super Dragon Balls. These giant Dragon Balls have no limitations, granting wishes that can expand across any universe. We can definitely expect to see the limitless potentials of these Super Dragon Balls. If I had a Super Dragon Ball right now, I’d wish to learn more about this new series. We’ll just have to wait until it airs mid-2016.

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