February Loot Crate Review: Dead

Ugh... Disappointing doesn't even begin to describe this month's crate. With only four items, including the shirt, this was just... a boring crate.

First of all, the theme was Dead. We've been down this road before, so I was expecting a bunch of zombie stuff on top of the obvious Deadpool stuff that has been advertised all over the place. Instead, we got two Deadpool items and two Walking Dead items. First was the Q-Pop Deadpool figure. This got the ball rolling nicely, at first, since I figured this would be the main Deadpool item followed by a bunch of zombie stuff. It shows the Merc with the Mouth being soundly blown forward by an explosion, and it's just neat looking.

Next is something that I laughed at. A Walking Dead Soap on a Rope depicting Darryl's Zombie Ear Necklace. This was worth a great laugh and kept the enthusiasm going. Next we pulled out a buildable mini figure for The Walking Dead. We thought that was a bit odd to have two Walking Dead items in a single crate, especially one of such low value overall. We pulled out the zine next, which does have a neat interview with Rahul Kohli from iZombie, but it quickly informed us that we were almost at the end of our Crate already.

Check out my gallery of pictures:

The final item was a Deadpool shirt that is neat looking, but was just... eh. I mean, I really expected more from Loot Crate, especially considering how much this thing costs. A grand total of four items, a digital download for the Walking Dead mobile game, a pin, and the zine. It was just boring. And it started off with great momentum, too. There was so much ground left to cover with Dead being the theme. Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Evil Dead, Deadshot. Just so many missed opportunities for something beyond Walking Dead and Deadpool. Between the fair letdown of last month's crate and the complete letdown of this crate, March better blow me away, or Loot Crate is going to find me switching to one of their competitors. Geek Feul and Nerd Block offer far more items each shipment, and I've enjoyed all of them much more than most of my Loot Crates.


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