Blizzard’s Overwatch Release Date Announced!

Announced today, Blizzard's highly anticipated team-based shooter Overwatch is coming to PC and consoles May 24. In addition to the confirmed released date, the beta for PC, PS4, and Xbox One will be open from May 5th –May 9th 2016. Looking for a head start? By pre-ordering entitles Xbox One and PS4 open beta 2 days earlier, and or by friend invite. So do not leave your friends hanging! I am personally excited for this game. Blizzard rarely disappoints and this will be their first first-person shooter. I do anticipate hours upon hours of content in the game, something Blizzard knows too well of keeping its core gamers occupied, ala Diablo and Warcraft. Below is a preview of what the game looks like so far:

What do you think of Overwatch? Are you excited? Let us know!

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