Big Hero 6: Are You Satisfied with a Series?

Big Hero 6 was a hit for Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie is loosely based on characters and concepts from the original Marvel comic of the same name. The expected sequel to the Oscar winning 2014 film will not be a 3D animated feature film but the beloved characters will be making a return as a TV show on Disney XD. The show is currently in production and will debut next year. Executive producers will be Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the creators and showrunners of Kim Possible, joined by Nick Filippi as the producer and supervising director. This announcement comes to a surprise to me since the film won an Oscar and was a success for the studio. I would have preferred a new movie that introduced new characters heroes and villains and an expansion on the fictional city of San Fransokyo where Baymax and the gang live in. However, a Big Hero 6 series can also explore the world of our heroes and explore their backstories. Will Stan Lee’s cameo character be making a return? Will the original voice actors return for the series? Replacing the actors will hinder me from viewing the series if the voices differ strongly from the movie characters. Some good takeaways from this news is that we get more Baymax and because it is being handled by Disney Animation veterans, the show is in good hands. However that means no new movie, and the possibility of replacement actors. Fans are familiar with the tone and themes of Big Hero 6, as it addressed depression, PTSD, and grief. Will the show be brave enough to dive into topics like this? I believe that the show should be as strong as the movie, if it wants to draw back its older audience. Kids will watch the show because it is a cartoon based on one of their favorite film. The older audience will tune in if the storytelling is strong and worth their time to invest in a children's program. The show has the potential to be good because of the source material. Will we see characters from the comics introduce in the show? One way that this can be done is if it is water down or toned down like the characters of the film compared to the original comic. The original comic dealt with teenage to mature content that probably won’t make the cut for Disney XD. So storylines and characters will have to stay family friendly. Not many Disney cartoons touch on deep subject matters compared to Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I hope that Disney will do what they did with Gravity Falls to the Big Hero 6 show, and that was make it watchable for adults. We won’t know how the show is until we see teasers, commercials, or promos later on this year or closer to launch. Here’s hoping it will be worth the watch or I am going to need Baymax to comfort me.

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