The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Preview Review

I was given a chance to preview the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios during its soft opening. The new area is located in the middle of the Shrek attraction and the Springfield area of the park. Universal Studios is going through an overhaul of attractions and restaurants to accommodate the new area. From page to screen and now making the leap into reality I present you the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The thing about the new attractions is that attention to detail was key. All over the Hogsmeade and Hogwarts you can find little and big details that brings the world of Harry Potter to life. The village of Hogsmeade is laid out like it is in the books and movies with other stores added as shows or small attractions. You can enjoy sweets at Honeydukes and eat at the Three Broomsticks. What is incredible is that items like Chocolate Frogs, Exploding Bon Bons, and more are available for purchase, just like in the films and books. The biggest Hogsmeade draw is the Butterbeer available both cold and frozen. I suggest frozen since the cold version of the drink is really sweet and almost all sugar. There is a big chance that you may need to visit a dentist after your visit. Before you go into the Hogwarts area I suggest you check the live shows and experiences from the books and movies. In these areas, you can see how a wand finds a witch or wizard and all around, the village is alive with an animated boar’s head, magical creatures, and other interactive items.

Here's a few pictures I took at the park:

Once you get to Hogwarts, you’ll want to ride the attraction called, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.” Here is where you enter the school and explore the grounds around it. You can see many familiar sites like the Weasley’s car crashed into the school grounds, and all the enchantments that the school has. I felt like I was a student running to make it to Professor Snape’s Class. The ride itself is amazing and features many of the characters from the book in a brand new adventure. The other notable attraction is the “Flight of the Hippogriff,” a high speed and thrilling roller coaster. It is small in length but it does provide some entertainment and here you can see Hagrid’s home. My time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was fun and exciting. As a fan of the books and the movies, I really like how they brought the world to life. The detail is amazing and the level of interaction is great for kids and adults. Even for a small area, Universal did a good job with it. But there will be long lines and cramped walkways when the attraction opens next month. You can expect them to add more attractions since the soft opening was just a preview. If you are looking for fun go check it out. A must see for every fan of the boy who lived from 9 to 99 years old. You’re a theme park, Harry.

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