Civil War Trailer Gets Thwip’d

The newest Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped early March surprising fans in many ways. As we count down the days until we are all able to see the movie, the newest trailer gave us a glimpse of what we can expect. You can see it for yourself and make judgements yourself, but we’re here to talk about what you really want: Spiderman.

Here it is below in case you live under a rock:

The last 10 seconds introduced something fans thought could ever happen before. Studio collaborations exist, but on a scale like this, they occur infrequently. Spiderman joining the Avengers seemed like a distant dream for fans, knowing too well how close companies liked to keep their clutches on rights to popular characters. After the infamous Sony hack, fans were promised their friendly neighborhood web-slinger would be joining the rosters. Several images and trailers had been released and there was still no signs of Spidey. On March 10, all dreams became reality. It was finally revealed what this iteration of Spiderman would look like. I’d say it’s nice, a cross from an older suit style with new flair. The eyes are almost 100% John Romita but they narrow down into Steve Ditko’s style showing facial expression. Before you gripe about Spiderman’s CG, remember how much CGI was used in the very successful Deadpool. The spider in front of the costume is smaller than we have seen in the past on screen but resembles a silver age comic book style. The suit also shows off a web belt with cartridges and larger “clunkier” wrist shooters. It’s hard not to notice the similarity in this classic style suit with the suit that Nicholas Hammond wore in 1977. All morning I’ve had the opportunity to check out social media and everyone keeps talking about Spider-Man and his amazing suit. I like the spider webs on the suit and feel it was definitely needed. The general opinion about this suit is that it is amazingly beautiful and they cannot wait to see it on the silver screen. I, too, cannot wait to see it but I have to say that by far The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (TASM2) suit by far it my ultimate favorite of all times on screen. I will keep an open mind and look forward to the day I get to see it on screen. Until then signing off your friendly neighborhood Nerd Chick. What do you think about the new spider suit? What do you think of the trailer as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!

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