It’s Morphing Time on Netflix!

Netflix has acquired Power Rangers’s newest season Ninja Steel to stream in 2017. The series follows the story of five extraordinary teenagers trusted with mystical powers of becoming the titular Power Rangers to fight off evil and protect the earth. So far the franchise has seen 23 seasons incorporating different themes per season such as dinosaurs, wizards, all the way to blasting off into space and going into the future.

Once again it’s time for the current power ranger season starts wrapping things up and fans get ready for a new team of protectors. But this time, production company Saban Entertainment has been formulating their own plan to change things up. With this go around it has been rumored that our favorite teenagers with attitude will not be coming to live television but to the OTT platform, Netflix. What could this mean for the Power Rangers? Will they do a weekly run that we’ve been accustomed to for so many years or do their norm of releasing a season at a time for Netflix originals? This could also mean major spoilers for the fans of the upcoming season of PR.

How will this affect merchandising? Usually the toys will release in sequence of the first appearance or conformation of a new ranger and their respective zord. We could get all the toys at once which reveals future mysterious character reveals their debut on tv.

The new Power Rangers Ninja Steel will start off in deep space where Zircon, the owner of the most watched intergalactic game show of battling monsters, get to pick his game show contestants. Zircon is bent on assembling the strongest team to gain access to the ninja power throwing star crystals, so he can rule the universe. The Power Rangers must master their new powers to protect the earth from Zircon and his crazy gameshow.

Get ready to morph back into action in January of 2017.

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